The Race for the White House

The Race for the White House 1.09

Players can become a 2012 presidential candidate themselves
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Players can become a 2012 presidential candidate themselves or play as one of the real-world candidates. Stay plugged in with continuous opinion polls and vote projection updates during the campaign.
Democrats, Independents, and Republicans with political ideologies ranging from Tea Partiers to Progressives, and interest levels ranging from political neophytes to seasoned political junkies, can have fun participating in a hotly contested election. “Candidate” players can enter the 2012 presidential race as an actual contender for the White House, or you can join the political fray as real world candidates “Jack Ohama” or “Mick Ronney” with animated 3D faces and hours of voiceovers by impersonators.
You will need to act and react – swiftly and decisively – just like in the real 2012 campaign Players have total control over their candidacy so you need to deal with lots of face-paced decisions. Candidates establish headquarters, travel the country, set up rallies, deal with super PACs, manage the campaign budget, make TV appearances in debates, and build TV and ad campaigns. Candidates also get to make nearly two hundred campaign promises, but be careful – those promises will impact the deficit! And do not forget to satisfy lobbies, religious communities, or ethnic groups as their votes will be decisive.

Yes, there’s the fun, slimy stuff, too… Dirty tricks have long been a staple of national politics, so The Race for the White House includes spreading scandalous rumors, arranging to have competitors’ campaign cash stolen, giving kickbacks to attract supporters, and sabotaging opponents’ meetings…but be careful because these slimy tactics might backfire and cost you the election.

Several game modes are offered -“Realistic” mode: Run for office with actual opinion polls and vote projections. This mode will benefit from constant updates of the real figures numbers during the campaign. -“Equal Start” mode: All candidates start with equal poll results. -“On-line” game mode against other human players, with internet rankings.

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